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Junior Indoor Bouldering Series FAQ

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2010 JIBS Championships Results:  13 & Under  |  14 & Over

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What is JIBS?

The Junior Indoor Bouldering Series was founded in 2001 to offer young competitive climbers a bouldering league just for them.
Our mission is:

  •  To educate climbing gyms and route-setters on the unique needs (and value) of junior competitive climbers.

  •  To encourage local gyms to host high quality junior bouldering events and to sponsor junior climbing teams.

  •  To encourage the local junior climbing community to compete in the best possible events.

    Originally founded as a regional  series in the Mid Atlantic, for four years JIBS was the only competitive bouldering series in the US designed and run just for junior climbers. In the Spring of 2004 JIBS achieved a major milestone, hosting the first ever Junior Bouldering National Championships (in partnership with USA Climbing) at the Philadelphia Rock Gym in Oaks, PA. In 2005, when USA Climbing officially recognized junior bouldering as its own discipline, JIBS had reached another milestone--to legitimize junior bouldering as a national sport. Since then, we have concentrated on helping gyms put on high quality youth events, and finding ways to assist young climbers in pursuing their climbing goals. To that end, in 2005, JIBS begin a program offering scholarships to competitors in the JIBS series.


    What we do

    Since 2005, JIBS has offered climbing scholarships to junior competitors who climb at the top of their field, as well as to those who demonstrate a passion and commitment to this sport. In 2010 we began to offer Scholarships on a national level through the JIBS Championships held at the Philadelphia Rock Gym. We and our sponsors promote high quality youth bouldering events and offer financial assistance to competitive climbers through cash & equipment Scholarships.



    Who can compete in JIBS

    Any climber aged 18 or under. The JIBS series has 3 age categories:

    11 & Under  |  12-14  |   15-18         -- for both Male and Female competitors.

    Which category you or your child will be in depends on their age as of March 1, 2015. For instance, if you turn 12 on February 27, 2015, then you will be in the 12-14 category for the 2014-15 season (including championships). However, if you turn 15 on March 11, 2015, then you will also be in the 12-14 category.


    Series Schedule
    JIBS Qualifier Events- The qualifier events will follow the Burn Series comp schedule
             Midnight Burn; October 31, 2015  -  Philadelphia Rock Gym, Oaks, PA
               Winter Burn; January 16, 2016  -  Philadelphia Rock Gym, Valley Township, PA
             Heart Burn; February
    20, 2016  -  Philadelphia Rock Gym, East Falls, PA

        To register for qualifying events, please visit the PRG website.

    JIBS Championship Event

    March 12-13, 2015  -  Philadelphia Rock Gym, Valley Township, PA


    Registering for JIBS

    To register for the JIBS series you need only to attend a JIBS event. If you want to be sure you receive the most updated news on the Series, or to insure that we have accurate contact information (crucial for getting your invitation), please click here to register for the Series Newsletter. While there are fees associated with participating in a JIBS competition, there is no charge to register for JIBS itself. 




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